I'm Juan,
a traditional catechist

I am Juan, a traditional catechist, in love with his Catholic faith and the history of his church, and since I like to share the good things, I invite you to learn your faith, the Bible, the Catechism and the history of our Church.

The Bible course is based on the books “Understanding the Scriptures” from the Didache Series by Dr. Scott Hahn and “The Great Adventure”, A Journey Through the Bible by Jeff Cavins, Sarah Christmyer and Dr. Tim Gray, along with with other materials that I have been collecting throughout my Biblical studies.

I hope that the authors of these wonderful courses do not feel that this work detracts from theirs and although I recommend that those who can buy them do so, those who cannot afford them can use these guides, which, although incomplete, will be very useful. Value for those who love Scripture and seek the truth.
With much love, his brother in Christ,


My mission is to help people who want to learn
to know the Bible, his faith and its Church


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